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Anya is now introducing custom yoga mats!

Anya is now introducing custom yoga mats!

ANYA is now introducing custom yoga mats.

Each piece of ANYA Art is completely hand painted with brushes and her unique one-of-a-kind design.

Each mat is individualized to your taste, with any design, any color of your choice.  Personalize it by adding your name or any other distinguishing marks.

Your yoga mat is a special space.  It is where you are taken away from the stresses of everyday life and brought into your own awareness, inner-wisdom, and enlightenment.  This is your personal place to be inspired, transformed and reborn.  And because…

Every Person, Every Practice is Unique ~ So Should Be Your Mat

ANYA Yoga Art is painted locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many are custom made to order, truly reflecting the practitioner’s personality. Only the highest quality European acrylic paints and coatings are used. No stencils are ever used in its creation: each piece is meticulously hand painted with inspiration (and a brush). It is bendable, foldable, and can sustain a rigorous yoga practice.  The mat is washable as usual and the picture is water-resistant.

  • Completely hand-painted
  • Personalized on request
  • Latex-free and free of heavy metals
  • Extra thick 1/4'' (6.2 mm) ~ Twice as thick as a standard yoga mat
  • Heavy duty, but lightweight (3.6 pounds)
  • Non-slip gripping surface
  • Keeps your poses in place, even during hot yoga classes




Anya is now introducing custom yoga mats!