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The man behind a mask

The man behind a mask

I am so excited about tonight!

I was lucky to go to Kirk von Hammett's Fear Festival in San Francisco.

The event was extremely amazing (I will make a post on it a bit later). But this story is about something, actually someone different and special.

The man behind a mask

Remember sleepless nights and asking your parents to not turn off the lights when you were children?  I do, vividly - after watching my first Friday 13th movie.

Brrrrrrrrr.... :)  Also I remember how some years later I enjoyed the chill during the next ones. So creepy and so exciting at the same time. And now, years later I watch these movies and enjoy them a lot.

For me, Jason (you know, that guy in the mask  :) ) , was a faceless fear and relentless doom. So determined in killing, so merciless, so COOL!


Tonight I met him!!! Not in a dark alley... but at the Fest. And who would have thought that behind that mask was a very interesting person.

The actor is Kane Hodder.  A man with a smiling and kind face. Very interesting in discussion, attentive and helpful. I didn't have much time to talk to him but I usually feel people very well and Kane was definitely an extremely amiable and likable person!

So next time you see a monster, maybe behind a mask is a very good human being!  ;)

The man behind a mask